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November, 11, 2004:

Battle Boattle 2.5 released!

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Cheat Code

all - to get access to all levels (type in main menu)

Tip Of Day

Try to get on the enemy's tail. Don't swim in front of the enemy boat. good tactics is to pursue the enemy boat staying behind of him.

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User Comments


I beat this game without cheating on ultra. Level editor is required for me to play this game more. So, that means, please, please, please, make a level editor! =)

Alexander Militsin

Thanks a lot for these Great Games!!!

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Battle Boattle

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What's new in version 2.5

* was greatly improved game play. Higher fire rate was balanced with doubled boat's hitpoints.

* added 3 new vessels

* fully redesigned weapon systems. Now you can fire a single torpedo. Added 4 new weapons

* 20 new missions (1 new episode)

* different sea looks

* more game objects (sharks, fish, whirlpools and more)

* more realistic water physics

* changeable level of difficulty (in options menu)

* new sounds and musics

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